home fitness: workout with B

I created this YouTube channel in 2020 when Covid hit, to support more people with simple and effective home fitness to improve wellbeing.

You don’t need any equipment to do these home workouts, just your own bodyweight, a mat, some water and a small area.

Bianca in the garden with puppy  leading  home fitness

Follow along with me in real-time as I guide you through the exercises, with full instructions and technique tips, so that you get the most out of your home fitness.

I hope these workout videos help you to feel mentally and physically strong.

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Home fitness videos

Some examples of Workout With B whole-body home workouts and stretch routines

20 minute De-stress Workout

Lower cortisol levels and up the release of feel-good endorphins in just 20 minutes with this time-efficient and effective full-body workout.

Head to toe stretch routine

A 30 minute full-body stretch, for when you want to treat yourself! You’ll feel amazing after stretching all the major muscle groups from your toes to your head…

Disco-themed 35 minute bodyweight workout

Who said effective exercise can’t be fun? Grab your jumpsuit and get stuck in to these disco moves that will work your whole-body into a big sweat!

10 minute Abs workout

Focus on your abs and core strength in this 10 minute burner of a workout packed full of effective abs exercises.