I’m ready to collaborate with you to present workplace wellbeing that really delivers for your teams.

Bianca Sainty, stress-free health and fitness coach, is standing on the Millennium Bridge with the City of London in the background, smiling at the camera after delivering a workplace wellbeing workshop.

What really delivers? Fun and practical workshops tailored to the latest challenges your people face.

Why now? The pandemic has made staff wellbeing needs more pressing, more complex and more delicate. Now more than ever, it’s vital to help your people reduce stress.

When we work together, we’ll explore the latest mental and physical wellbeing challenges that your staff are facing. This might be continued Working From Home, or adjusting to the new Hybrid way of working.

Once we have explored this, I can then tailor content appropriately and ensure it’s relevant and beneficial to your people.

By doing this, we can ensure maximum engagement and benefit, and also avoid overloading staff. The last thing we want to do is add to their stress levels!

Why me? After graduating from Cambridge University, I worked for ten years as a TV Producer before retraining as a Personal Trainer. I have seen and experienced first-hand how the stresses and strains of the office environment can take their toll on health and performance. 

The entire course was awesome. Bianca was energetic and engaging.

Gekko Field Marketing

My approach

Few people realise that there are many ways to use movement to enhance wellbeing in the workplace. I love to enlighten people!

I create a safe space where teams can share ideas and experience.

My sessions are fun and dynamic, and usually involve some kind of movement that is doable for everyone.

My aim, ultimately, is to empower people with stress-free tools that they can fit easily into their lives post-workshop. In other words, to set them up to create long-lasting life-enhancing change.

Empowering your staff in this way will lead to improved happiness, and therefore engagement, performance and productivity, both in the workplace and beyond.

If this sounds like the kind of workplace wellbeing you would like to offer your staff, hit the button below to book a call to find out more.

Recent Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Title page of Bianca Sainty's most recent Workplace Wellbeing workshop: How to create a stress-free fitness plan that fits in your life.

Other topics covered recently include:

  • How to lower stress while Hybrid Working
  • The three pillars of wellbeing: movement, fuel, sleep
  • Using fitness to reduce stress
  • Safe and effective home fitness
  • Sitting, poor posture and how to fix it
  • Using the outdoors to transform your wellbeing
  • Creating good habits: food, sleep and self-awareness

Workshop bonuses

  • I share my presentations with attendees post-workshop, so they can easily consolidate learning
  • I make time for 7 days post-workshop for free follow-up questions or customised advice

Workplace Wellbeing Testimonials

Love the positivity. Will utilise the useful tips and feel motivated to change a few bad habits – thanks!

Gekko Field Marketing

It is sometimes just so helpful to hear what other people experience and how they deal with it.

Charlotte, Partner, HPW Solicitors

All of the sessions have been really informative, very useful and helpful. I’ve really enjoyed them.

Gekko Field Marketing

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