Stress-Free Fitness Coaching

Bianca Sainty, Stress-free fitness coach, is walking in down a path in the park with her black Labrador. She is looking down at her dog and smiling.

Hey, I’m Bianca, and that’s my pup Storm :-). Walking her every day in my lovely local park is a key component of my daily fitness routine. Because all movement counts. My stress-free fitness coaching is all about identifying the best windows for you to fold different types of movement into your day.

To do this, we need to explore what’s going on in your mind in relation to movement, or, dare I use that highly emotive word, exercise.

Once we’ve delved inside and built up a picture of what’s going on up there, including what might be holding you back, we can then move onto setting you up for success. That means creating a realistic, achievable and balanced plan, that works for you. A plan that will fit into your life, not overwhelm you. A plan that is stress-free, and that will lead you to reaching your health and fitness goals, at last.

I’m updating the info on this page “as we speak”, but I’m ready right now to get started with coaching you – if you are ready to look inside and sort out your health and fitness hang-ups once and for all.

So go on, click on that button to book your free 30 minute Find Out More call. Then we can work out if my stress-free fitness coaching is the right fit for you.

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Stress-Free Coaching


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