My approach to health & fitness coaching for working mums.

Bianca Sainty, Stress-free fitness coach, is walking in down a path in the park with her black Labrador. She is looking down at her dog and smiling.

Hi, I’m Bianca – Mum of two humans and one dog. I qualified as a Personal Trainer nearly a decade ago. Here is a bit about the thinking behind my stress-free fitness coaching.

All movement counts

Walking my dog Storm every day in my local park is a key component of my daily fitness routine. It’s not the only thing I do, but a walk outdoors is an easy, free and immediate feel-good base to build on. And that’s why I always recommend it to my busy working Mum clients. In my mind, all movement counts, especially when time is short.

I get it!

I’ve got two teenage kids and a business to run, so I really do understand the ‘no time!’ argument. I totally get the constant juggle and re-prioritising, not to mention the guilt. Oh, the guilt! Taking time out to look after ourselves equals guilt. (Inner critic: “You’re being selfish!”). But not taking time out to look after ourselves also equals guilt. (Inner critic: “You’re a bad role model to your kids!”)

How do we fix this conundrum then? Because it very much does need fixing. You sure can’t be firing on all cylinders at work and as a Mum if you don’t ever show your mind and body some TLC.

For a long time, I had trouble accepting this. It was an annoying and inconvenient truth. But now that I have accepted it, everything is easier. I know that I need to move every day to feel good. And to be a better person – nicer to myself and others, better as a Mum, better at my job (which by the way is helping you fellow working Mum!). Crucially, now that I have accepted this truth, finding time for daily movement has become easy. Because it’s a priority.

So how do we make daily TLC a reality? Well, I believe the answer is beautifully simple – we reclaim just a little time every day to attend to our needs.

Ditch the guilt

Ok, but can you define “a little time”…Well, I would say: 30 minutes. That’s all. Short enough not to induce guilt, long-enough to get what we need. A little time at the right moment in our day, so it won’t make us late, or stress us out. A little time to energise us, and help us face all that life brings with gusto and optimism.

These simple changes form the backbone to my stress-free fitness coaching and plans for busy working mums. I’ll help you build the low-stress healthy habits that you need to feel great.

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So, if you’re ready to ditch the guilt around your health and fitness once and for all, take a look at my three different fitness coaching packages for busy working mums.

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I look forward to connecting with you 🙂

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