Stay on track with healthy habits using your Inner Ninja

If you’ve ever struggled to stay on track with healthy habits (haven’t we all?), don’t beat yourself up about it. Total waste of energy in my book, and will only compound the misery of ‘failure’.

Why not divert that self-critique into something more productive next time you are derailed? Try some positive inner work instead. By this I mean, get to know your Inner Ninja.

What’s my Inner Ninja?

Training your mind to be more ninja can do wonders for staying on track with healthy habits. Self-awareness of what’s going on up there inside your head is key. Once you’re aware of your thoughts and behaviour patterns, you can start to get your mind in shape to support you in your everyday endeavours. This is what I like to call your Inner Ninja.

It’s a bit silly, I know, but that’s the point. So much health and fitness content bandies about heavy duty and overly simplistic concepts like motivation, commitment, hard work etc. For me, this just sucks the joy out of movement, exercise and looking after yourself. Not so with the Inner Ninja! Being more ninja is a playful, fun and low-pressure way to help us crack on with what’s important.

What’s more, having a ninja on your team makes you feel like you’re not going into battle alone – always good. And when hiccups occur, you can keep negativity at arm’s length as you direct the feedback to your Inner Ninja, rather than to yourself.  

teal and coral design of a ninja's head wearing a mask with the heading cultivate your inner ninja as a tool to stay on track with healthy habits

Be more ninja

Ninjas have many skills. Here are some key ninja qualities that I like to work on being:

Alert – aware of and ready to face the external and internal barriers that WILL pop up to challenge us (it’s unrealistic to believe otherwise).

Zen / calm – when life does throw curveballs at us, we don’t over-react and give up on everything. We keep perspective and see it for what it is – a diversion, rather than a full-on roadblock. We calmly take the scenic route.

Agile – flexible when an unexpected deadline, a child off school, or we’re just plain knackered hijacks our plan. Moving quickly and easily to adapt our original plan eg downscaling from a strength workout in the gym to a light jog.

Prepared – accepting of the fact that plans do go awry, and we have a plan B ready. We set up our environment to enable healthy habits e.g. fruit and veg bowl highly visible on the kitchen counter, ‘naughty’ snacks kept out of sight

Mindful – of how our mind can sometimes play against us, with self-doubt and sabotaging thoughts.  Recognising when we’re getting in our own way, for example: telling ourselves we’re too tired to exercise when we’ve been sat at our desk all day. Sure, the brain is tired but the body needs to move. Even just a walk will give your mind and muscles a chance to unwind.

Ruthless – in maintaining boundaries. We prioritise the habits we want to master and fiercely protect this time. We learn to say no!

Focussed – on our deeper why i.e. our true motivation for wanting to change habits. Keeping this uppermost in our minds, always.

Stay on track with healthy habits

These skills are all interdependent, and when we work on all of them, we enable our Inner Ninja to kick some serious a*se!

Remember, we all have an Inner Ninja tip-toeing around up there. We just may not be so aware of how to unleash her potential. I spend a whole session on this in my Fit from Within coaching programme, so if you want some help to be more ninja, drop me a line. I’d be glad to help.

Bianca x