Smash Your Goals (with me!)

Do you ever set yourself a goal, start off all keen as mustard and then lose focus? Find your motivation drift away? Not achieve what you hoped you would, and then feel bad about it?

I know I do!

Usually when this happens to me, it’s because I’ve failed to plan realistic action steps to take me towards my goal. I’ve either gone too big or simply unrealistic. Then, I will definitely falter if that absolutely vital ingredient – accountability – is missing.

I find publishing on social media keeps me accountable – thanks you guys! But I realise this can be a much too public arena for many, that’s why I’m so excited about the new service I have designed to help you SMASH YOUR GOALS!

Imagine how good it would feel to start and actually finish that Couch to 5k… To take onboard a new healthy habit, and fully embed it, so that it becomes part of your lifestyle rather than an add-on that just drops off when life gets busy… Imagine how it would feel to have a clear, realistic and achievable plan, to not be making it up as you go along and to not feel overwhelmed. Imagine how it would feel to look after yourself a little every day and not feel guilty about it.

Now imagine how it would feel to have a cheer-leader on the side-lines keeping you motivated, accountable and supported through the ups and downs…

Sounds amazing, right? Too good to be true even. Not quite. Here’s how we create such a dreamy space…

We start with a 1to1 Goal-setting meeting where we explore what health, fitness and wellbeing goal you want to work on. We then delve into why. Beyond hitting targets, and into how achieving this goal will make you feel. This is important. Why? Because exploring and understanding your deeper “why” will help you to stay motivated and on track.

Then I create customised action steps and recommendations for you, and – here comes the really cool part – I remain close over the next 6 weeks, to provide accountability, support and gentle encouragement to keep you on track.

What do you think? Sound good? Well then, contact me to find out everything you need to know to get started.

It was awesome to lead 1to1 Goal-setting meetings recently for the lovely teams at Gekko Field Marketing – a company really interested in looking after their staff wellbeing. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this service to individuals now too.