How to squat & lunge without knee pain

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Do you avoid doing squats and lunges because they hurt your knees? Would you like to learn how to squat and lunge without knee pain? This is possible you know! Most likely you just need to adjust your technique, and I can help you do this.

“Dodgy knees”

First of all, you need to know that I can totally empathise with you over your knee pain. My knees click when I walk downstairs. One knee pulls when I run, so I have to stop and ‘readjust’ it as I go (by wiggling it around a bit). It’s never been the same since I slipped and fell heavily onto it years ago, when out running by the river.

All this means that I could avoid doing exercises like squats and lunges, because they hurt, or aggravate my knees. I could, but I don’t in fact avoid squats and lunges. Why? 

One: because I know how to do them with proper technique so they don’t hurt my knees. Two: because I know just how amazingly beneficial these exercises are for your knees.

Squat and lunge without knee pain

You see the thing is, if you have what I would describe as ‘dodgy knees’, it’s even more important to do the leg strength work so your muscles can help support your joints and prevent injury or even further injury. (You also need to stretch by the way, but that’s for another post).

A lot of people who suffer with knee problems do the opposite however. They shy away from leg exercises because they are worried they might make it worse. As I mentioned earlier, I understand this fear, from my own lived experience. So, I thought to myself:

“If even I – a qualified Personal Trainer with the knowledge and experience to perform these exercises with good technique – can fall into this trap, there must be tonnes of you out there who are just too scared to even so much as look at a squat or lunge! So, what can I do to help? I know (lightbulb moment)! I’ll make a video on good technique so all the lovely people with dodgy knees who want to stay active can squat and lunge without feeling any knee pain too”. Hurray!

YouTube thumbnail image showing Bianca Sainty smiling and demonstrating the technique for performing a squat without knee pain

Watch my tutorial videos

So, I made a video for you. In fact I made two. One is “Squat without knee pain” and the other is “Lunge without knee pain”. They are short tutorials (around two minutes each) that I hope will give you the “A-ha! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time” moment, and enable you to squat and lunge to your knees content…

When I shared this post on my Instagram feed, a running friend made this comment: “Pretty much the same here. Used to have horrendous knee issues, avoided squats, lunges etc, because they hurt. Learned to do them properly and strengthened my whole body, and knees are now absolutely fine.”

She runs a lot – I’m talking 100 mile races – so it’s good to hear agreement from such an experienced runner.

So, if you’re fed up of sore knees holding you back, go and have a watch at my YouTube channel, Workout With B, and banish that pesky knee pain, once and for all!! 

I’ve created a new section called “Improve Your Technique”, and will be adding to this over time. Do you have any suggestions on exercises you’re not sure you’re doing properly, and would like a tutorial on? 

Don’t be shy to ask, I love sharing my Personal Training knowledge!

Bianca x 

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