1:1 Rethink: Movement Strategy Session

Black and white scrabble letters spelling out the words Reflect, Rethink, Revise as a graphic summary of the service you can expect from Bianca Sainty's Rethink Movement Strategy session

What is a Movement Strategy session?

It’s a one-off, 60 minute session where we look closely at your current exercise routine to identify what is working, what’s not, and why not. That way we can flush out the unhelpful, and protect the good bits. Because I know us working mums can struggle to fit in looking after our health and fitness consistently. And I also know that there is another way…

So I have designed the RETHINK: Movement Strategy session to be all about cutting the stress out of your current exercise routine, making it more do-able, and fitting it in more easily with the many other demands in your life.

This is for you working mums, if you:

…find that your current fitness routine chafes with the rest of your life

…feel that finding time to exercise is stressing you out

…are not sure you’re doing the right things for your body right now

…feel that your routine isn’t giving you what you need

…want someone else to do the thinking for you about what to do, when and how often   

How does it work?

Together, we…

> look closely at your current exercise routine to identify what’s working and what’s not

> put your typical day under the microscope to identify better windows of opportunity for movement

> find easier and more fun ways for you to hit your health goals

The aim is for you to leave with a movement plan that:

  1. fits more easily into your current lifestyle
  2. won’t take a load of time
  3. won’t stress you out

Bianca was extremely helpful. She listens to you first and then asks the key questions to find out exactly where you want to improve your health.

Bea, Mum & teacher


1 x 60 minute 1to1 Movement Strategy Session via Zoom plus full review of your current work/life/exercise routine*

Price: £149

*You’ll need to complete a diary template a minimum of 48 hours before your session, so that I can understand what a typical week looks like for you.

Sound good?

psst! I’ve written a blog on this if you want my top tips for working mums on how to create a low-stress and effective exercise plan

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if you’re desperate to get started with some low-stress home fitness, click here to be transported to my YouTube channel, full of fun workout videos that you’ll love doing!