Ditch the guilt and create a new relationship with exercise, and with yourself.

Fitness for working mums coach Bianca Sainty is running across the Millennium Bridge in London, with St Paul's Cathedral in the background.

Hey busy mum, I think I know why you’re here.

You’re looking for a way to fit regular exercise into your life so it doesn’t feel like a chore, so it slots effortlessly into your week and just becomes the thing you do, kinda like brushing your teeth.

You want to move past the stories of can’t find the time, can’t find the energy, can’t run and feel healthier, stronger and a little more like the mum who can.

Fabulous, I want that for you too!

But first, let me tell you a secret.

Committing to a regular exercise plan doesn’t come from a YouTube video, or an app, or even your fitty friends telling you how good they feel after their thrice weekly 5ks.

(Because, let’s face it, you know the reasons you should exercise, but time, work, the kids schedules and Netflix just make it so darn difficult)

Committing to exercise comes from within.

And your reasons to move often go a bit deeper than wanting to shift the lockdown tum (though that’s totally valid and totally do-able).

Maybe you feel like…

★ Your day revolves around everyone else; work, kids, house and you’re p*ssed off with it, you’re tired of being last on the list.

★ You love your job, your kids, but not so much yourself – you just want to feel more comfortable in your skin, or at least in your jeans.

★  Your head is full of money, work, relationship gunk and you reckon you’ll be a nicer human if you could focus on something else for a bit.

★  You’re so ready to move past the never picked for the team, crap at PE, or can’t run stories and create some new, more empowering ones

★  You want to be a good role model for your kids; to show them that wobbly bits, sweating and going beyond their comfort zone is a bloody good thing!

So, I’m here to help you put yourself first.

To co-create a stress-free exercise plan that fits into your life, boosts your happy hormones and makes you feel (and look) amazing

A plan that kick starts a long-term love affair with exercise

And one that supports you in creating a lighter, healthier, happy-in-lycra, future you


I didn’t know where to start with exercise and had no confidence in what I should be doing. With Bianca I’ve established an exercise and stretching routine and I am really grateful as I felt hopeless. Bianca made me find hope again!

Morena, Mum & SEO coach

Here’s the low-down…

My fitness for busy working mums programme revolves around 5 sessions x 60 mins

Getting fit starts with getting your mind in shape, so we dig deep to uncover

★ what truly motivates you to move

★ your past relationship with exercise (yes, that includes PE at school)

★ the best daily opportunities for you to move your body

★ the systems you need to nail your new healthy habit

★ how to access your Inner Ninja (for when the going gets tough)

Sessions can be delivered face to face or via zoom, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

All plans are tailored to you, what activities you love, what fits into your life and what will give you the biggest buzz. The magic of this programme happens in between our sessions when you commit to the plan and the person you want to become.



Bianca Sainty smiles at her laptop and gestures with her hands as she delivers fitness for working mums coaching online

You’ll love FIT FROM WITHIN if you

> are ready to learn about what your body can do – and how your brain can support you

> can find 30 minutes per day to commit to the plan
> are happy to have fun, and explore new ways to move
> are open to sharing more about you and to step away from old habits or stories

> perform better when there’s accountability and someone you trust to keep you on track

Ready to get started?

NB This programme is not about dropping a dress size or hitting a PB. And it’s probably not for you if you’re an exercise junkie…wedded to the gym or fond of going it alone.

Want to make sure this is right for you?

I’m a mum too and a small business owner, as well as homework-monitor, bill-payer, tear-wiper, chef and laundress. For me, moving my body everyday has a huge impact on my mind as well as my body.

I believe that feeling strong, physically and mentally is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and the world. Your children need you to be healthy and happy, so does your other half, your folks, bosses and besties.

But it’s not always easy to create a new fit-mum identity and this is where Fit from Within differs from other exercise programmes.

It’s not a quick-fix programme with unrealistic promises and unachievable goals. Or a one-size-fits-all plan that revolves around losing inches, body fat or leaves you feeling depleted, listless or miserable.

I’m here to take you in a new direction.

To create new healthy habits, so when motivation fades and life lifes, you can rely on making positive choices to keep you consistent and heading towards your health goals.

Bianca helped me think differently about exercise/diet, it’s about committing to making better choices – what do I really want, and what small action can I take today to get there.

Kate, Mum & Leadership coach

You want details on my fitness for working mums programme? Here’s how we do it…

Session 1: DELVE DEEP

Together, we explore your story and delve into your big why. We’ll talk through your blocks around exercise, what’s worked for you (or hasn’t) in the past, and what type of movement gives you the biggest buzz.

Your Homework: to keep a 7-day Energy Diary


It’s time to conduct a full Energy Audit together based on your 7-day diary, and identify your best days/times for exercise – so you can move on from the ‘I don’t have time’ / ‘I’m too tired’ arguments. We look at the systems and cues you need to help you create this new habit.

My Homework: to create a simple 7-day Movement Plan that works for you, based on everything we have covered so far.

Your Homework: to digest your 7-day Movement Plan & to commit to a date to get started with moving your bod!


Here’s where we discover how to cultivate your Inner Ninja, so you can successfully out-manoeuvre the critical voice that wants to keep you in your can’t comfort zone; we’ll continue to make tweaks to your movement plan, systems and cues.

Your Homework: to practice your Inner ninja skills & keep a ninja diary.


Review your Inner Ninja diary, and discuss what’s come up. We get to work on creating your movement-loving, self-confident and up-for-it, alter-ego. She will be your NBF – always by your side and ready to kick any lingering self-doubt into touch.

Your Homework: to refine your alter-ego & learn how to call her into being.


Another check-in on your progress, so we can continue to refine your Movement plan, systems and cues, to be sure they slide into your life effortlessly and still bring the buzz. We cover any knowledge-gaps and ‘what happens if…’ fears that may arise to hold you back.

Your homework: to practice daily everything we’ve learned together & to skip away, beaming with new-found confidence in your ability to keep your healthy habits going on your own 🤗

Between sessions:

I will stay close to nudge, support and keep you on track. You can also get hold of me for emergency help with the inevitable wobbles along the way.

Across the 5 sessions you’ll:

  1. Learn to recognise the types of movement that truly fill your cup
  2. Become super clear on what getting fit means for your life
  3. Understand what’s been stopping you from getting to where you want to be
  4. Learn how to stick to healthy habits in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore
  5. Develop your own personal blueprint for exercise that feels easy and do-able

Want in?

Hey mum, stop saying yes to everyone else and say yes to you. Let me take care of you and your future health goals, so you can feel your best, free your mind and become the mum who can.

p.s. Looking for tips on how to fit more movement into your everyday? Here’s a blog just for you…

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