1to1 coaching & accountability

Hey working mum, the Keep on Moving 1to1 monthly coaching package is for you, if you:

  • already know how good exercise makes you feel, but you still struggle to prioritise it
  • find it hard to stick to your plan on your own and would like some accountability to help you do it
  • need a friendly voice to remind you that it’s ok to ditch the guilt around taking time to exercise
  • recognise that a regular check-in will help you to:

>>>>> prioritise your exercise

>>>>>>> be more consistent with it

>>>>>>>> feel better

  • like useful advice from a fellow working mum who gets the juggle
  • want to keep on moving forwards with your health and fitness goals!
Bianca Sainty is pictured running in the park as she plans her 1to1 coaching package.

How Keep on Moving 1to1 coaching works

We meet once a month on Zoom for a 60 minute 1to1 coaching session, where we chat through any logistical and mindset barriers that have popped up.

We can then strategise together on how you can best overcome them, plus we will monitor and review your current fitness plan to ensure you continue to progress and feel good. 

I’ll also be there for you with wraparound support and accountability between sessions.

Your investment £89 per month

Important stuff (Ts&Cs)

£89 monthly direct debit (payment due prior to first session)

3 month minimum commitment, after this you can cancel anytime

Not sure this ‘Keep on Moving’ coaching sounds right for you? Perhaps this resonates more strongly…

You are an exercise-phobe who is ready to move past your movement hang-ups and take control of your health & fitness…

That’s me!

Or maybe this sounds more like you:

You’ve already got some fitness going on but your routine chafes with your life and/or is not giving you what you need, and needs a rethink

I am this person!

Or…right now you just want to mix up your home workout routine, so head over to my YouTube channel for tonnes of fun and varied bodyweight workouts