Bespoke fitness coaching for busy working mums

Discover how amazing you can feel with stress-free movement plans and coaching to strengthen your body and mind. Working mums’ health and fitness is kinda my specialist area – cos I’m a working mum too!

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Hey busy mum, you want to move more, lose weight, get fit, strengthen your muscles? But not sure how, where, when, or even if you can?

Let me make it easy for you.

Let go of that control, and those questions that you don’t have answers for and hand over your health goals to me. I’ll create custom, fuss-free exercise plans that slide easily into your week and support you to a fitter, healthier future.

Check out your 3 options below…


5 x 60 min 1:1 sessions

Pick this if you are exercise-shy but ready to move past your movement hang-ups and take control of your health & fitness

+ custom movement plan based around activity you love

+ includes homework to identify and move past mindset blocks

+ accountability, support and gentle nudges all the way


1 x 60 min 1:1 movement strategy session

This is for you if you’ve already got some fitness going on, but…

your routine chafes with your life, it is not giving you what you need,

and needs a rethink


Monthly 1:1 coaching and accountability

This is for you if you’re clued-up already on how to look after your health and fitness but you also know that you need a regular kick up the bum to keep you on track

p.s.You can actually work with me in two more ways…inspire and motivate colleagues with customised Workplace Wellbeing workshops, or follow my free workout videos designed to keep you fit and strong in mind and body.


Customised workshops for your teams


Free workout videos on my YouTube channel

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Check out my fitness blog for working mums

It’s full of simple and useful health, fitness and wellbeing advice. Plus the latest tips on creating and maintaining good habits. Oh, and a fair amount of exploration into how movement improves mood and mindset – something I’m a bit obsessed with! Head over to the blog…