fitness and wellbeing

Hi, I’m Bianca and I’m here to show you how best to use fitness to enhance your wellbeing.

Whether it’s corporate wellness you need to enhance staff wellbeing, or you’re an individual wishing to boost confidence and feel-good – I can help.

As a Personal Trainer, I have supported individuals and groups with their health, fitness and wellbeing since 2013. Before this, I spent ten years making TV programmes. Why is this relevant? Because both roles revolve around bringing out the best in people.

I’m especially interested in the psychology around motivation, mood and mindset. Exploring these areas with clients enables us to create realistic and successful programmes, and to embed new and health-enhancing habits.



Bianca is personable, relatable and shows a clear passion for health and well-being.

Gekko Field Marketing corporate client

You have played a huge part in turning me into a much healthier and happier individual.

Sarah, London